Take a data-driven approach to your workforce by matching the positions across your organisation to our Professional Practice Credentials. You will get an unprecedented view of your organisation’s capabilities – helping to drive investment and shape business strategy.


Start with a pilot. All it takes are two Credentials and some passionate employees reflecting on what they already know.

Backed by our professional capability standard, get insight into both areas of Strength and areas for growth.


Get workforce insights by matching job roles to Professional Practice Credentials.

Do this across multiple roles for greater visibility into the areas that matter most.


Maximise workforce intelligence by scaling this throughout your organisation.

This provides you an unprecedented data-driven approach to workforce planning and analysis.

Empower your workforce today

We use leading-edge digital technologies to independently verify an individual’s skills and capability within a workplace by assessing their professional experience and converting this into something tangible – a Professional Practice Credential.

Backed by Deakin University and benchmarked against global learning standards, Credentials allow us to provide independent verification of a professional’s skills and capabilities.

Our Professional Practice Credentials provide a framework for employee development that contributes to enhanced competitiveness and organisational performance.

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