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Emotional judgement is essential in navigating social networks, and influencing and inspiring others.

This important capability increases personal awareness of intangible factors impacting team harmony, employee engagement and collective productivity in a given situation. Emotional judgement is vital to perceive and understand emotional cues and convey a sense of optimism, credibility, confidence and trustworthiness to your peers and strategic partners.

Emotional judgement impacts how you build trust, credibility and confidence with people in your team or network. This is valuable in orienting effort towards agreed visions and encouraging higher performance.

Demonstrating emotional judgement is necessary to manage your own emotions and modify your responses to best suit the emotions and concerns of your peers for improved performance in the workplace.

Displaying emotional judgement is crucial for effective teamwork.


This Credential is currently available at the Proficient level. Use the level indicators below to identify if this level is right for you. View the Credential level to see further information.

At this level you will most likely:

  • Have 7 years professional experience in this capability
  • Be a senior professional
  • Have experience in function-level roles
  • Direct thinking or action across operations

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Emotional Judgement Proficient

At the Proficient level of Emotional Judgement you will need to demonstrate that you are reflecting on your own experiences and adjusting your management style and approach to optimise outcomes within your operational area. It is expected that within your role you are able to adapt your communication style and messages to suit different groups and cultures. You appreciate the wider context and emotional drivers influencing how others respond to new or challenging situations. You will effectively demonstrate self-control, transparency, optimism and confidence that influences and build positive relationships within your team, organisation and with external stakeholders and customers.

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Emotional Judgement Proficient Guide May 2016

This is a step-by-step guide for completing this Credential, it includes:

  • Criteria that must be satisfied
  • Collecting your evidence
  • Writing your reflective testimony
  • Completing your assessment
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