Credentials can be clustered to reflect the application of capabilities within the workforce and complement existing programs within an organisation. Credential clusters can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

Change and Innovation

The Change and Innovation cluster is about the ability to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Tricky problems must be accurately defined and shaped before they can be solved and professionals need to make critical judgements to find the optimal solutions in a dynamic and often disruptive market. Innovation can be clustered with Problem Solving and Critical Thinking to support the recognition of those leading, championing or driving innovation and improvement within an organisation. Adapt and Change can also be included in this cluster.

Communication and Influence

The Communication and Influence cluster describes effectively communicating, cooperating and empathising with peers and stakeholders. To work with others, professionals need to communicate, engage and build trust across a range of contexts using different media, including face-to-face and via digital platforms. Emotional Judgement can be included in the Communication and Influence cluster.

Personal Motivation and Courage

The Personal Motivation and Courage cluster describes a professional understanding, reflecting and having self-awareness of their own abilities and identity. It is essential for a professional to have insights into their limitations through an awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses and to be able to reflect and learn from experience. This empowers them to have the confidence to take decisive action to drive and enhance their performance improvement. Emotional Judgement can be included in the Personal Motivation and Courage cluster..