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The DeakinDigital Vision

Providing the most highly valued, evidence-based employability credentials for continuous career development using smart systems.

DeakinDigital Credentialing Services

DeakinDigital provides assessment and credentialing services to individuals who can demonstrate the capability required to earn those credentials being offered.

If you want to:

  • Receive recognition of your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Participate in communities of practice concerning career pathways and the achievement of credentials
  • Engage in a highly-valued credentialing approach rather than spend time in a real or virtual classroom being “taught” things you already know
  • Secure independent verification of your professional skills

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DeakinDigital Services

Offer you an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional higher education.
Evaluate your readiness for formal assessment, identify your skill gaps and help you find relevant learning.
Credential the competence you’ve achieved through independent learning, experience and employment.
Align your workplace capabilities to credentials.
Provide you with a full range of client support services.