DeakinDigital Services

We enable professionals to:

  • Receive recognition for your knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Participate in communities of practice concerning career advancement through credentials.
  • Engage in a highly valued credentialing approach rather than spending time being ‘taught’ what you already know.
  • Secure independent verification of professional skills.

Service Benefits

The benefits of DeakinDigital’s services are:

  • Achieving career goals through Recognition of Professional Practice.
  • Commitment to transparency of achievement.
  • Credibility, affordability, and flexibility.
  • Collaborating with world-leading partners.

DeakinDigital is a leading-edge credentialing service providing professionals with the most highly valued, evidence-based credentials for continuous career development. DeakinDigital enables you to gain credentials that are aligned to qualifications and receive recognition for the capabilities acquired through professional practice, and professional and personal development.

Best practice assessment for credentials

DeakinDigital can help you to strategically manage your current and future employability based on the capabilities employers really value. To learn more about how DeakinDigital can help you advance your career visit our Services page.