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How it works

Why spend years studying and thousands of dollars on a degree when you already have all the skills, knowledge and experience? DeakinDigital’s revolutionary model allows professionals everywhere to take control of their future by converting life and work experience into something tangible – the DeakinDigital Credential.

Earning a Credential is straightforward

Credentialing professional recognition

Professional Recognition

We convert experience and knowledge acquired throughout work and life into an internationally recognised employability credential.

Credentialing benefits

Credential Benefits

Credentials are an innovative alternative to traditional higher education and provide verifiable recognition of a person’s qualification, skill or achievement that employers understand and value.

Credential catalogue

Credential Catalogue

We offer a complete catalogue of credentials available at three different levels: Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced.

Credentialing pathway program

Pathway Program

Our pathway program enables you to earn a Masters Degree once you complete a full catalogue of credentials and a single unit of study at Deakin University.

What’s your story?


“I’d like to be recognised for my wealth of experience in IT”


“I’d like to be recognised for my experience”


“I want to get on track for that promotion”